M. Michael Meller

M. Michael Meller is a lifelong horseman who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of excellence in the sport of show jumping. He has helped find and produce some of the top horses in the sport, including Robin De Ponthual, Cazador LS, Iceman De Muze, Quilimbo, Waterloo and Carneyhaugh Manx.


Meller works closely with owners and riders to achieve top results both nationally and internationally. QBS Equestrian was created by Meller and Dennis Sisco to help achieve that goal. Together, they have found and produced several top horses now successfully competing at the grand prix level. 

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Meller is also the founder of the M. Michael Meller Style Award, which recognizes athletes who are not just top riders but also horsemen giving back to the sport and the animals that they love. Presented by M. Michael Meller the “Doc Spirit” Award in honor of Dr. John R. Steele will be presented annually to the horse that best exemplifies the heart and athleticism necessary to be competitive at the highest levels of show jumping.

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